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However, there’s no surefire, natural way to choose the sex of your baby. Your odds are unless you use a sperm-sorting technique, followed by artificial insemination. Menstrual periods are different from woman to woman and month to month.

Now that I’m on the “wrong side of 35” (I’m 38 now), I thought it was time to try again Thanks for stopping by Chief Mom Officer – where we talk all about money , work, and frugal family life all to reach financial freedom. Several theories claim you can influence the gender of your baby by having sex at a certain time of the month or in a specific position.

It provides your estimated monthly income, estimated monthly goal, and the difference between the two. Once you’ve answered the five questions, you can adjust things like your retirement age and investment rate of return. They let you put in a fairly low percentage of your income (down to 25%) and a low retirement age. They’ll also helpfully tell you that you need life insurance. I had left that blank, because I’m trying to calculate what I need for retirement, not for life insurance, but there you go.

It takes the retirement income you requested – based on the % of current income you asked for – and compares it with their projection of how much you will have. The amount you’ll have must be based on the retirement account information you input, although it’s hard to find the assumptions they use. Frankly, it’s no wonder people are confused about what they need for retirement. I’ll tell you what you get with each calculator,what I like and don’t like about each one, and what I’m doing as I write.

  • The trial version has full functionality except that the starting age is fixed at 55.
  • Accepts data for both limited-duration spending as well as income.
  • In the default Economic Planning mode, the program doesn’t allow you to independently set your retirement spending.
  • Use the Conventional Planning mode in ESPlanner to set a discretionary spending in retirement.

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You can’t put a retirement age below 50, and they throw some asterisks up on the retirement age when you go below 62, to warn you that you’re not going to get Social Security. It doesn’t calculate your income needs, or your retirement income. Calculator 1 -This tool is designed only to tell you what the impact of increasing your contributions is, and the impact of waiting to start contributing. It was so not useful that I had to go Google another Prudential calculator. I can’t see where they’re taking into account the impact of taxes, or income increases over time.


Optional – you can elect to include social security, and change the expected rates of return. I don’t like how you can’t go below 60% of current income needed in retirement.